If you’ve ever given men’s style magazines a try, the chances are high you’re interested in enhancing your style with trendy wrist accessories. Given that some of the most stylish guys you’ve seen do it all the time, why wouldn’t you? Here at Murtoo we love helping people look good, so let us save you from making common mistakes of ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’. Not only does this guide include information about the most popular bracelet materials, but it also provides tips and tricks on how to make the most out of every piece of jewelry you wear. Before we continue, however, let’s talk about the reasons to give them a chance at all.

Men’s accessories. Are they worth it?

They are. A century ago, their aesthetic qualities didn’t justify the potential troubles a man could face because of a bracelet or two. While it’s true that people back then associated these kinds of jewelry mostly with women, today everyone can wear bracelets with no risk of damaging their reputation. The key thing is to know when to stop, since if you overdo it, your style will be destroyed by a wrong sense of balance and not by a bracelet itself.

If you wear casual accessories for mens correctly, you:

  • Boost your self-confidence tremendously. If you’ve ever felt that you’re not as good as you used to be, or that you don’t even want to look in the mirror because, well, it’s always the same, then you’ll be surprised how much one small detail can change. Just looking good is enough to make the difference, so we recommend checking these must have men’s accessories out.
  • Provide yourself with another topic to talk about. Bracelets have been gaining increasing popularity lately, both in formal and informal fields. Just by exchanging your experience in wearing them with others and giving people in need of advice on how to enhance their style with men’s accessories, you make the average discussion more interesting and memorable for both sides. You’ll never miss weather talk, take our word on that.
  • Improve your chances to succeed in business. A stronger, more unique image is another great step to outdoing your opponents. Combined with self-confidence and flexibility, it helps you get what you’re aiming at to a noticeable degree.

Best materials for accessories to make you look classy

Very common today are the bracelets made of leather, stone, and stainless steel. Often you can find a mixed model, which is a combination of two or more popular materials. While everyone should decide which one reflects their personality the best for themselves, some general recommendations do exist.

Leather bracelets, for example, will fit you the most you’re looking for a comfortable and durable accessory. In jul 2020, they’re a no-brainer, the safest choice of all. Good for both young and old people, leather bracelets have become a decent alternative to metal ones, which are often considered too conservative by modern adults. The trends will change as time goes by, but leather items will always have their place among top men’s accessories.

At first sight, a stainless steel piece of jewelry may be almost unrecognizable from silver analogs, which is a reason why it holds a more or less popular position every year. Other colors, however, exist too, with black and golden being the most common ones. If you don’t have an intention to damage it deliberately, wrist accessories from stainless steel are almost invincible and will serve you as long as you need them to.

For those wanting to feel the nature in the modern city, stone beads bracelets exist. Usually, they’re not very expensive but stylish all the same. They work great in a combination with other natural materials.

You can’t fail with any of the three, so give them a try if you don’t know what to start with. Need a starting point? Check these designer bracelets for men on our site.


Always look at the bigger picture. If you prefer a tie, take a look at the pieces with metallic details. If not, leather will be a nice choice; most of the other natural materials are also a good idea when we talk about casual clothes.

Unless you fell sure about what you’re doing, consider leaving one hand unoccupied. Remember that men’s accessories may serve both as the main focus and a finishing touch, depending on what you want them to be. Combining several bracelets at once is fine, but if choose leather ones, make sure that their color matches the leather details in your outfit.


Now that you’re ready to give your style a fresh breath, quality should be of great priority. Murtoo delivers! Check our catalog to find more designer bracelets for men.