Partially because of the stigma that was associated with man jewelry in the past century, the trends in the field do not change too often… which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check whether your old chain link necklace is still a good idea once in a while. Since men’s jewelry & accessories have been gaining more and more popularity in the past twenty years, let’s see which of them are still good to have and wear in 2022.

Men’s Bracelet Trends for 2022

Bracelets today work the same way they did twenty years ago, except they’re smaller and not as chunky. The general trend for 2022, which will also be relevant in 2021 by the way, is sticking to a minimalist approach in everything, including how you look and what you wear. These are the years of little accents and small details existing in order to enhance a man’s personality slightly, without creating the strict confines of who he actually is. In other words, ‘the less the better’ is your golden rule to keep in mind when choosing a men’s accessory in 2022. What about the specifics, though?

An important thing to understand here is that the minimalist approach doesn’t require you to stick to one jewelry for a part of your body — as long as the wearer keeps a sense of proportion and perspective, everything should be fine. The brightest example is today’s trend of combining two different bracelets at the same time — by no means a new idea, but a great one all the same. When doing that, you usually want to use accessories with different materials, but the modern market does offer products that were from the start designed and created for you to wear together, in a combination. Take a look at stainless steel bracelet pair, for example. They’re brilliant in their simplicity — two braided leather bracelets of different colors (braided ones are a trend too, by the way!), nice yet minimalist design, convenient magnetic clasp, nothing extra.

The thing about combining several simple accessories at once is that you can’t do wrong. There are still things you’d want to avoid, be it color overloading, which may be a problem should you decide to wear three or more colorful accessories (if you do, don’t forget to add a neutral one for every two or three of them to avoid this problem), or overstacking, which may occur when you decide to wear several thick accessories at once. As long as you don’t try too much, however, there are no wrong combinations; some of them will be better than others, but that’s the trick of it — keeping on experimenting until the moment you’ve found something that suits you perfectly. 

Men’s Jewelry Trends for 2022

We were talking about using bracelets with each other earlier, but how about combining simple accessories with a watch? Just like the trend we’ve discussed above, this one isn’t exactly new, but in the past ten years, it’s become much more popular than before. The reason is probably that watches serve mostly for enhancing your style and personality too — back in the day, they were irreplaceable to tell the time, but now this function is arguably secondary.

Even when people had decided to try adding some other accessories to wear on the same wrist with their watches, for a long period of time no one actually understood how to do it properly. That’s why you could see a person wearing a stack of leather bracelets above their watch back in the 2000s. While trying various things is a good idea to find your own style, the general recommendation today is to place bracelets below your watch, especially if you prefer long sleeves. A watch will always remain the main focus of that composition, so the accessories you choose shouldn’t be too big, bright, or both. This one is a good example, even though you’ll have to make sure that the material, just like the color, of your bracelet matches the one of the watches.

Men’s Accessory Trends. How about Rings? Necklaces?

Both. Both are good according to the accessory trends for 2022. You can even wear them at the same time when you want, as well as with watches, leather bracelets, and so on. Consider it an advanced fashion tactic not suitable for novices, however, as there is a great chance of overdoing it if you’re not very good at keeping the sense of proportion.

For rings, the minimalist approach is as relevant today as it is for bracelets. Unless you’re absolutely sure about what you’re trying to accomplish with them, for instance, big and super thick rings should be considered a thing of the past — not only are they uncomfortable, but they generally don’t work well as a way of conveying one’s personality; instead, they force you to pretend to be someone else, and that’s the thing the philosophy men’s style has grown out of in the past years. We recommend wearing small, neat, comfortable rings, one or more (but not too many) at the same time. If a ring has a design carved into it, one is enough.

Both long and short necklaces stay on trend in 2022, with the former ones being an ideal choice for people aiming for street style. You can’t go wrong with either of them, however, so just pick the one you like the most.

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