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beaded bracelet

Why Choose Beaded / Stone Bracelets?

Inspired by prayer beads and power bracelets, our mens designer beaded bracelets are strung with spherical stones in singular hue and two-tone coloring. With the rising popularity of healing crystals, our bracelets made with lava rock and tiger’s eye are just what your wardrobe and spirit need. Male or female—who wouldn’t want to wear something with positive abilities? The minimalist design adds some panache and...

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metal bracelete

Why Choose Metal Bracelets?

Strong and sturdy, mens stainless steel bracelets add edge and toughness, making them a cool way to amp up looks. Although you might not think of wearing a bracelet, you probably have a go-to metal link watch you wear regularly or even a gold wedding band you don daily. Why not stand apart with an accent many men aren’t bold enough or confident enough wear? On...

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