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leather bracelet for men

Why Choose Leather Bracelets for Men?

Our leather bracelets are our most popular wristwear option and the easiest style to pull off. If you’re looking for a low-key way to prove you have a knack for fashionable flair, slip on one (or several) or our braided leather cords. Although it sounds strange, before bracelets were an up-and-coming trend for men, they were actually a very popular trend for men—dating way back....

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metal bracelete

Why Choose Metal Bracelets?

Strong and sturdy, mens stainless steel bracelets add edge and toughness, making them a cool way to amp up looks. Although you might not think of wearing a bracelet, you probably have a go-to metal link watch you wear regularly or even a gold wedding band you don daily. Why not stand apart with an accent many men aren’t bold enough or confident enough wear? On...

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