Try searching the topic on Google, and you’ll see that for the past twenty years, men’s fashion has mostly been about clothing. Stylish shirts, tube pants, cool shoes – that kind of stuff. What the average person tends to forget these days is that accessorizing is just as important for men as it is for women. While the outfit itself is the most important part of your image, top accessories are a tool powerful enough to make a fine outfit look exceptionally good. 

In fact, people always knew that. There were times in modern history when a fashionable man wasn’t supposed to visit a high-society event without a hat. But what is it about accessories that make men look more attractive to women? Let’s find out.

Men’s accessories help you stand out

Contrary to popular belief, standing out of the crowd doesn’t always mean dressing flashy in a desperate attempt to get someone else’s attention; it means having a delicate sense of men’s style that others may lack. Even if your company has a strict dress code, you still have a way to win the colleagues over by adding one or two minor details to your outfit.

Take a look at this men’s leather bracelets, for instance. It has a funny title (and that’s another advantage we’ll talk about a bit later), but most importantly, it perfectly works with business attire. As long as you don’t overdo your style tricks, you can’t spoil an outfit with an accessory like that. And think about it: if everyone in a formal meeting wears almost identical suits, a small but good-looking bracelet may be just enough to stand out from the crowd.

Men’s accessories encourage experimentation

When a person wears the same kind of clothes year by year, it’s only a matter of time before they completely forget the joy of changing and shaping their image. Don’t be that person – experiment around! The possible combinations of clothing and accessories are innumerable. With various belts, bracelets, watches, ties, and other items, you can change something in your look every other day with no fear of exhausting all possible options in the near future.

A suit is just a suit – the average person doesn’t want to have too many of them in the wardrobe. But accessories? One could have tens of them without any troubles. Just like openness and optimism, creativity is key to other people’s hearts.

Men’s accessories improve your self-esteem

While people tend to ignore this factor, we do consider it too valuable not to include in this list. This one is a bit tricky because it requires a certain condition to be in place. However powerful instruments accessories are, they don’t work unless you believe in them. Never wear anything purely because of fashion trends. Never wear something that associates you with people you don’t understand.

High self-esteem is a very attractive quality in a man, and the self-esteem boost a right accessory can provide you with is tremendous, but only as long as you don’t try to look like a person you are obviously not. For example, using special clothing and accessories to achieve the ‘Bad Boy’ look while being a shy person is problematic and generally unrecommended – many try, many fail. Why would you wear a golden chain if it only makes you feel off your element, anyway? People’ll be feeling that something is off, you’ll be feeling that something is off, no one’s a winner.

Men’s fashion is about who you are, not about who you want to be. In order to make the most out of it, to actually feel better about yourself, be sincere and focus on your strong sides. The thing is, you’re already an attractive person. Accessories make men look more attractive because they help men focus people’s attention on their best qualities, that’s the whole trick of it.

Top accessories are great dialogue starters

Remember that cool leather bracelet we posted here earlier? The one with Best Dad engraved inside? Aside from looking nice and working very well with formal clothes, it provides you with a nice topic for discussion when you have to talk to your colleagues about small things in order to fill the awkward silence.

Men’s style is a decent topic by itself, but some people don’t have much to say about that. Tell them a story, then. About how you found the bracelet, decided to buy it, had to make sure that it suited your costume. And about that funny little title engraved inside this serious-looking accessory that reminds you of your family even while at work.

Act naturally, don’t try to be over-persuasive, and you’ll have a great small talk without the need to urgently look for the right topic.

Developing your personal style

…begins by asking for a men’s fashion advice. One could figure the basics by themselves, but more advanced fashion experiments require the attention of a more experienced person. Acknowledging your strong and weak points helps too, but we’ve already covered that.

Men s fashion is not a simple matter, so allow us to lend you a hand. Open our catalog and see if there’s something that catches your eye. Ask us a question at any moment via the chat form below if there’s something you’d like to know. And most importantly, have fun!