Our leather bracelets are our most popular wristwear option and the easiest style to pull off. If you’re looking for a low-key way to prove you have a knack for fashionable flair, slip on one (or several) or our braided leather cords. Although it sounds strange, before bracelets were an up-and-coming trend for men, they were actually a very popular trend for men—dating way back. Men worn bracelets, necklaces, crowns and other types of jewelry as a means of protection, for good luck and a sign of wealth. Return to those ancient times with a wrist wrap of genuine leather that will have you feeling lucky.

If you want something that’s dapper yet a touch sporty, reach for one of our two-row twists.

The bracelet secure with signature-stamped magnetic clasp bracelets. Choose tonal layered bracelets for something more rugged and under-the-radar fashionable. The layered designs have slim leather strips with a plaited centerpiece. Our leather cords, braid and band bracelets are perfect for adventurers. A blend that’s part sporty, part outdoorsy and part refined, the bracelet goes well with quilted coats in the winter and chambray shirts in the summer. We like them best with casual looks and because the bracelet is slim, lightweight and fitted, it can be left on at the gym on the track or trails for an unexpected well-dressed accent.